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Product Spotlight: Modulate Banners

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Introducing the new Modulate Banner Systems! These banners are easy-to-use and so versatile to fit all of your trade show or event needs! With so many options to choose from it will be easy to find the perfect one just for you! The Modulate family consists of five different kits and the option to mix and match banners for a custom display. 

The  Modulate Kits are perfect for businesses who are going to multiple trade shows or events with varying booth sizes. With one kit you can make three different sized displays: 30', 20', and two 10' displays, no extra parts are needed. Depending on your needs, there is a kit for you:  Series one (pictured below) contains seven curved banners; Series two and three offer seven straight banners; and Series four and five have a variety of both curved and straight banners. Each series is a little different from the other kits available with unique curves, shapes, and corners. Each banner is comprised of aluminum tube frames. Not sure if a kit would be right for you? The Mix and Match Banners could be what you're looking for!

Modulate  Mix and Match banners are great for businesses just getting started with trade shows and events. The Mix and Match banner system has 11 different shaped banners to choose from. You can pick one or two to start and add more to your display as your business and needs grow! Each graphic is printed on fabric that slips over the frame and zips at the bottom for an easy and fast set up! Watch the video to see the banners in action!

As you can see in the video, the possibilities with the Modulate Banner Systems are endless! Using the snap-together clamping system, you can transform your 180 degree display to a 90 degree display, to fit perfectly in corner booths! With the universal foot (connecting two banners with one foot) and the snap-together clamping system, you can make your display set up completely unique to you and your brand. 

Contact your GLM Sales Representative today to order your custom Modulate Banner display! 

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