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10x20 Trade Show Displays

GLM Displays offers many options for 10x20 trade show displays.  The look and feel of the overall booth space you are after will determine which styles you may want to consider.  Some 10x20 displays offer slim designs and a narrow foot print, where others may take up more real estate on the trade show floor space.  Some systems can help separate your space to tell a story better, where others make the entire layout feel open.  Not sure which display style is right for you? That’s where our seasoned staff comes in to help.  We would be happy to listen to your needs and then suggest a few ideas or options for you to consider.  Feel free to look online at our many options but don’t hesitate to call toll free 888-743-4564.  We would be happy to assist.

Some things to consider when purchasing a 10x20 trade show booth.

Portability: For exhibitors first entering the world of larger booth spaces, portability is often overlooked.  Many 10x20 kits require more containers and for some, require freight transportation.  If you need to ship your 10x20 booth easily and affordably, Tubular Trade Show Frames may be the right option as they breakdown into compact cases that are UPS and FedEx friendly.

Price: As the cost of the display itself is not the only cost involved in exhibiting, it’s usually the first thing exhibitors consider when planning for their budget.  Exhibiting fees, transportation, lodging, meals etc. can often times leave little left for the actual display.  That’s why GLM Displays offers many low cost, high impact display options.  Hop Up displays and Wave Tube Displays are very popular for just this reason.

Features: Many of our 10x20 exhibit kits offer features like shelving, monitor mounts, kiosks, counters and more.  Having a good understanding of what features you need, or may need, can help narrow the selection.  If adding shelving or monitor mounts down the road is a possibility, then you may want to consider the Formulate line.

Expandability: We have many customers who purchase a 20’ inline display with the plan to use only half of it for smaller 10’ shows.  Modular displays like the Timberline, Hybrid Pro and Vector Back Walls make it easy to do exactly that.  Sometimes a second set of graphics is needed, but with a little planning, many customers can get by with using only half of the graphics for the smaller events.

Ease of use:  This can be one of the more crucial considerations a purchaser can make. It’s very important to know who will be setting up the display and what their comfort level is with various types of hardware.  The more sophisticated 10x20 displays may attract more attention, but will require more set-up and tear down time.