GLM Displays' Top 5 Portable Trade Show Displays

Posted by Tonya Phelps on Jun 11, 2018

Since you've landed on this blog post, one question you might be thinking is "What is a portable trade show display?" A portable trade show display is one that is compact and, like the name suggests, portable. These displays are typically made of two key components: a custom graphic and a collapsible frame. They are designed for easy transport with one or two hard cases and great for repeat use at expos, events, lobbies, or retail environments. Set up time can vary anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. We've complied a list to simplify your search and give you a little insight into what makes these our most popular displays. 

Hop Up Displays:
Our hop up displays set up in less than a minute and shrink to a fraction of the size in just as much time. Using an expanding anodized silver frame, simply pull the frame to its full size and lock the frame in place. The graphic then attaches to the frame with its velcro edges - the graphic can remain attached to the frame in storage, making tear down just as fast, if not faster than set up!  These displays are extremely lightweight and are ideal for businesses constantly on the go! 

Ez Tubes:

EZ Tube Displays are made of aluminum tube frames and pillow case graphics. Similar to the Hop Ups, EZ Tubes break down to fit inside a small case and can be wheeled from your business to the trade show or event. You can choose from curved, straight, tabletop, 8ft, 10ft, or 20ft displays. Our EZ Tube displays come with free ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. 

Formulate Fabric Displays: 

Similar to the EZ Tube's construction, the Formulate Fabric Displays are comprised of a tube frame with a pillowcase graphic. These displays are a great option if you want a one stop shop for your trade show booth. Choose between different kits to perfectly fit your trade show needs: like shelving and/or monitor mounts. These displays are sure to grab the attention of your audience with their sleek and modern design. 

Banner Stand (Combination and Stand Alone):

Banner Stands are a great option if you have a lot of information to share. With a variety of sizes, you can create your own unique combination of banner stands to complete a full booth. Use a Blade Lite 1500 as the middle component, and two smaller Blade Lite 800 Banner Stands to share all of your important information. In doing this, you are able to be more flexible in your booth size. Creating a custom combination of banner stands is also a great way to go to different trade shows. If you have a wider banner stand as the focal point, promoting your business, you can easily use narrower banner stands to show information that pertains to that specific trade show or event. If you aren't sure you want to combine different banner stands, you can always use any of the banner stands as stand alone displays! Retractable banner stands are so easy to set up: attach the pole to the base and pull the banner up. 

Lumiere Backlit Light Wall:

One of our newest display families is the Lumiere Light Wall. This display is available in backlit, non-backlit, and preconfigured designs. The Lumiere Light Wall has gained popularity with its easy set up and seamless design. The LED ladder lights will make you stand out in the crowd at your next trade show. You won't sacrifice on quality when it comes to these lower-cost backlit displays.


If you still aren't sure one of these 5 displays is right for you, call GLM Displays today to chat with one of our sales representatives. Our team is more than happy to match you with the right display. You can also look at our extensive collection of Portable Trade Show Displays online!