Product Spotlight: Hybrid Pro Modular Displays

Posted by Tonya Phelps on May 17, 2018

Hybrid Pro™ Modular exhibits are a series of sophisticated, modular and reconfigurable exhibit back walls, kits and counters that feature aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit SEG fabric graphics.

By combining the very best aspects of our different lines like the Vector SEG Frames and Formulate Fabric Structures , the Hybrid Pro series offers a unique look that’s sure to stand out from the “common” looking exhibits.

The displays are made of sturdy aluminum frames, silicone edge graphics (SEG) and different accessories: counters, monitor mounts, literature racks, slot walls, LED lighting, and tables. Each Hybrid Pro Modular Display comes with a lifetime warranty on hardware. All of the displays are manufactured in the United States.

Do you have varying trade show exhibit booth sizes? The Hybrid Pro Modular If you're looking to really shine at your next trade show, youday of a trade show display?Choose between different kits to perfectly fit your business needs. We have kits ( 08 and 16) that use slot walls to showcase your products. Are you constantly running out of storage during the trade show? Kits 17 and 19 have spaces for storage or even meeting rooms! If you're looking to out shine your competition, check out kits 01, 03, 09 and 11 - these displays have an illuminated wall to draw in your audience.  

Displays are reconfigurable, so you're able to  take a 20ft display and reconfigure it to fit in a 10ft booth, without sacrificing the quality of your display.

Our Hybrid Pro Modular Display Kits make a great starting point if you're looking for a somewhat of a custom display. You can take one section from one kit and another section from a second kit to create a 

unique display! In doing this, you can save money compared to starting from scratch with a fully custom display.  

Contact us today to get build your perfect Hybrid Pro Modular Display!