Upload File

Acceptable File Formats

  • High Res PDFs (preferred)
  • JPEG
  • Illustrator CC or below
  • Photoshop CC or below
    InDesign not supported

Submitting Art

  • Please build art files exactly to the template dimensions provided.
  • Do not add additional bleed
  • Do not include cropmarks
  • Convert all text to outlines
  • Embed all linked images
  • Rasterized art should be 150dpi*
  • Include order number in dialogue box

Please note: Illustrator special effects such as glows, transparencies or drop shadows are not recommended. These effects sometimes have unpredictable results when printing. Photoshop is preferred when using these special effects.

Production time is contingent on print ready art. Artwork that does not meet the requirements mentioned above may cause delays in order processing and push the ship date back.