About GLM Displays


Hello and thank you for visiting GLM Displays. I would like to briefly tell you a little about myself and why I started GLM Displays.

I began working in the large format print industry in 2001 in the production department of a fairly well known facility in Minneapolis. I soon became the manager of the finishing department where I made custom signage and displays for both the retail and trade show environment. I later went on to the world of sales (or sold my soul as I usually joke) where I learned a great deal about business and customer relations.

Over the years and after changing employers, the struggling economy began to take its toll. As I was representing only one business with a certain set of services, I was expected to “convince” my clients that what we offered was what was best for them. I struggled with this as I often knew what they really needed was something else entirely, something that we didn’t offer. Well, I guess I wasn’t a very good sales person because I couldn’t push myself to “convince” someone to purchase something that wasn’t the right fit for them.

I then took the plunge and created GLM Displays in the fall of 2008. My goal was simple; to provide a wide range of services and products so that I could help my clients find the best solution for their needs and their budget. I am able to do this by partnering with a variety of wholesale printers and manufacturers that I’ve worked with over the years. Carefully selecting the right suppliers enables me to provide all the services that my clients need with extremely competitive prices. I help my clients with their trade show displays, retail signage, promotional items and much more.

Although this website is designed for e-commerce, I encourage you to call or email with your questions. I believe in the relationship more than the sale. If I can’t provide the best solution for you, I will gladly recommend someone who can. I want you and your business to stand out from your competition and that’s what makes me stand out from mine.

I hope you will give us an opportunity to earn your business. Feel free to contact me direct. I’m here to help.




Matthew Lunser
(320) 260-9698 cell

P.S. I’ve been asked many times what “GLM” stands for. Well, I guess I couldn’t think of a clever name at the time so I named it after our first three children in reverse order, Gabe, Lucy and Max. Our next two children, Sam and Chloe were born since, so if I ever start another company I'll have to incorporate their names somehow. ;-)