Holiday Schedule

2019 Mexican Holiday Schedule

All GLM Select Products produced and shipped from Baja CA observe the following holidays. Most orders will be shipped the following day.  Contact your GLM Displays customer service representative for additional information.

Day Date Holiday  
Tuesday January 1 New Year's Day (Año Nuevo )
Monday February 5 Constitution Day (Aniversario de la Constitucion Mexicana)
Monday March 18 Benito Juarez’s Birthday (Natalicio de Benito Juarez)
Thursday April 18 Holy Thursday (Jueves Santo)
Friday April 19 Good Friday (Viernes Santo)
Wednesday May 1 Mexican Labor Day (Dia del Trabajo)
Monday September 16 Mexican Independence Day (Dia de la Independencia de Mexico)
Wednesday November 20 Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (Aniversario de la Revolucion Mexicana)
Wednesday December 25 Christmas Day (Navidad)
Wednesday January 1 New Year's Day