Q: Where can I find the template?

A: When looking at the product page of the item, there should be a tab for ‘DOWNLOADS’. There you’ll be able to find the template and instruction sheets for the specific item.


Q: How do I upload my art?

A: You may upload your art before or after payment HERE.

Simply input your email, any pertinent information such as Order#, Purchase Order #, and/or business name and then click on 'Choose File'. Once you've selected your art, click 'SendThisFile'. When the load bar completes you are welcome to close the page.


Q: Can I fit (item) in (Specific model) Shipping case?

A: All our shipping cases are meant to be used with specific items they’re built for. We can’t hold you back from trying to fit something in one of our cases, but our returns are quite strict due to their shipping size. The use of hard shipping cases for products not designed for or confirmed to fit within a shipping case is solely the responsibility of the customer. Returns due to sizing issues are subject to a 25% restocking fee and the case MUST be in sell-able condition, free of scuffs and abrasions. If it is not considered resalable, the refund request will be denied, and the client is responsible for any return shipping cost.


Q: I purchased from GLM Displays before but I don't have any of the old paperwork. Can I still re-order something exactly like I had it during the first order?

A: If we could get a company name and estimate on when you purchased the item, we can usually dig up the old order fairly quickly. It would also help to send us a picture of the item so we can match old PO's and proofs to.


Q: We haven’t bought from you but we need a replacement part/graphic. Can you help?

A: We may certainly try. We’d first need to see a photograph of the frame/part in question to try and match our wide catalog of products. If we think we can match the item in question, we’ll quote you a price and possibly send shipping directions for your frame to be sent in. (Shipping is client responsibility). This way we can custom fit the new graphic to the specifications it has.


Q: Can you design the art for us?

A: Certainly. We charge depending on complexity and time spent working on the art. Our hourly price is usually $65 per hour if the work becomes time-consuming.


Q: What is a Pantone Color?

A: Pantone is a standardize color matching system used to identify colors. Since different computer monitors are calibrated differently, colors will look different on each computer. For this reason, we reference the colors with a physical book. This ensures your colors will match as closely as possible to another printed item (i.e. matching your back wall display to the color of your logo). These colors are printed using an exact combination of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) values.


Q: Do you charge for PMS Matching?

A: That depends on the product. For some of our fast turnaround, lower-cost products, there will be a color matching fee added to the price. In order to color match your product, we have to remove the specific product from the normal printing process and bring it to a more precise printer. If you have a PMS color to match, please let us know and we'll let you know if a fee is attached to the product.


Q: How long does production take? /What’s the turn-around time look like?

A: That depends on the specific product, how many are ordered, and what location it’s being shipped to. In general, there’s an average of 1-2 days of pre-production (proofing, art edits, etc.) before a final proof needs to be confirmed. Once the proof is confirmed, the item goes into production and then shipped to the customer. The total turn-around time for some items can be anywhere from 3-7 days depending on how large/complex the item or order is.